D'Addario Kaplan Vivo Violin D Strings 小提琴 D 弦

Kaplan 小提琴弦係針對職業水準的奏者所設計製造的, 其所出的聲音是前所未有的美和力的結合, Vivo 所出的聲音聰亮, 清晰, 有力, 適合較低沉的樂器, 本弦拉奏容易上手, 音質豐富多彩, 運弓反應靈敏. Kaplan violin strings offer professional-level players an unprecedented combination of beauty and power. Kaplan Vivo delivers brilliance, clarity, and a robust feel for darker instruments. Kaplan Vivo settles quickly, exhibiting a rich tonal color palette and superb bow response.

D 弦係合纖芯包覆銀線. D string is of synthetic core and silver wound.

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